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What is French Balayage?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I preach about French balayage on a daily basis. I love to brag to my guests on being 'French balayage certified'. It has taken a lot of training and reprogramming for me to fully understand the impact that this technique could have on my career; so far that impact has been monumental. It reignited my passion and helped me find my purpose behind the chair. So what is it?

Balayage is a term meaning hand painted hi lights. It is a simple term with a broad definition. I could go on for days discussing the different variations. French hairdressing is different than the English hairdressing taught in American curriculum. It allows for more creativity when painting and cutting. The whole concept is to paint where the energy lives in the hair cut rather than following traditional patterns and sectioning. The left and right side of your hair are viewed as sisters and not twins. They lay differently so why treat them like they're the same? This idea allows for ultimate customization whereas British cutting and painting follows strict guidelines on how to complete each look; creating carbon copies regardless of how your hair lays and flows. In my two + years of being certified under Sunlights I can confidently say that I have not done the same cut or color on any two individuals!

Another top benefit of French painting and cutting is time, or lack thereof. It is so incredibly quick and efficient. Often times quick = poorly done but this is the opposite. Think about it, do you really want to be sitting in a salon for 4+ hours getting hi lights or an hour and a half getting a haircut? NO, and I wouldn't either! French style is different down to the tools we use and the way we hold them. We hold our scissor and comb in the same hand so were sectioning and cutting in one swoop. It allows fast pace movement through the hair and results in 5-15 minute haircuts! Same with Balayage. We hold our paddle and brush in one hand so were sectioning, combing, scooping paint, and painting in one pass. I rarely have a balayage appointment that lasts longer than two hours. This includes consultation, formulating, painting, processing, toning, cutting, blowdrying, and styling - and of corse picture taking. I am in love with where this niche has taken me in the hair industry and I would want nothing more than to share my passion with you, so come see what French Balayage is all about!

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