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What Do I Schedule For?

Not knowing what service to schedule for then booking one at random planning to "figure it out" the day of can cause lots of problems. Each service has a specific time frame so if you schedule for a 1.5 hour color but need a 3.5 hour full foil...see what I mean? If you're ever in this situation feel free to contact me and send pictures of your current and goal hair so we can come to a conclusion! Here are some tips if you're a little confused (as you should be, its not your job to know all the lingo) :

All over color or toner - Single process color application meant to slightly alter the tone of your hair. Meaning there is no bleach, hi lights, lowlights, balayage, etc involved. This applies to people with one all over tone - brown, red - or to blondes needing to tone out brass.

Balayage - ahhh the love of my life. This is a technical term that means handpainted hi lights, but for scheduling purposes it has been translated into a specific dimensional blonde look. This is heavily dependent on your starting point. If you have any previous color or naturally dark hair, balayage may not be for you. In these circumstances foil would need to be used so the appointment would be a foil hi light and not a balayage. Again balayage is a technique not a look so we can still get you the look using a different technique (foiling). A true balayage can be booked for several different looks but the state of your hair has to be ideal for the handpaint; no previous color, medium brown and lighter, patience (willing to have sessions if needed). Balayage is the most seamless and healthiest way to go lighter in my opinion. Though it may not be for you at your first appointment, we can get you there!

Foil Hilight - This is for anyone wanting to go lighter. No rules or regulations. Its truly a one size fits all service. Again, its very versatile and can be used to create several different looks. This is also one of the best options if you're looking for the traditional highs and lows look because both lightener and color can be foiled separately.

Color Correction - The illusive and expensive service that intimidates everyone. This is intended for anyone who needs a multi process approach at correcting a long list of things - at home uh oh, box color removal, fashion color, in salon uh ohs (it happens), uneveness, discoloration, going from super dark to super light in one sitting, grey blending (making your hair match your natural greys). It basically categorizes any service that does not fit into the sections above. It is priced by the hour because there is no way to give a time or product usage estimate.

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