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Finding a Hairdresser That Understands You (and your hair)

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I always compare finding a good hairdresser to finding a doctor. You have to mesh well with that person and have a great line of communication and understanding to ensure appointment stability. Trusting someone with your hair is a much bigger deal than it may seem. My hair is my confidence. If its not looking good, I'm not feeling good. If that's how I feel about it I know that's how my current and future guests are also feeling.

Establishing a good relationship starts before we even meet! I would say that 90% of my guests find me on social media and spark conversation about scheduling before booking or visiting the salon. This is the first line of communication we have and it helps me to understand your expectations for the service ahead. It also gives me an opportunity to relay my opinions on what outcome you can be expecting from your first appointment! I can not work miracles, though I like to think that I can. That being said, I take a more realistic approach to all of my services. If I don't think something is possible or achievable in one sitting I like to make that known prior so there are no disappointments when I'm turning you around to reveal your new hair!

I also want to emphasize how important your hair goals are to me. Far too often I hear "the last girl didn't do what I wanted" or "I've never gotten what I asked for before". I think it is far to easy for hairdressers to over insert our opinions. Directing the correct color for your skin tone and correct cut for your face shape or establishing expectations is different than inflicting a personal opinion to alter the preference of the guests goals. Guests are too often strayed away from their desired outcome to appease what the hair stylist is more comfortable doing and finds more visibly appealing. At the end of the day it is your hair and you have to live with it on your head. Our opinion doesn't really matter-to an extent- because you need to be 10000% happy with your hair when you walk out of the salon. My main goals are to let you leave with healthier hair than when you walked in and to get you as close to YOUR goal as I possibly can!

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